Fall Choir Fundraiser – Magazines and Cookie Dough

In today’s educational/financial climate, fundraising for arts programs is more important than ever. The better we do on our fundraisers, the better opportunities and experiences our students can have. You can make the difference!

Our Fall Choir Fundraiser kicks off on September 11th! We are selling/renewing magazines and cookie dough (+ other food items). Please get involved by talking to relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to raise money for the PT Choir department. Consider purchasing cookie dough and magazines as gifts.

In addition, simple cash or check donations are extremely valuable in making this program successful. 100% of any donation goes to helping our students whereas we only get a percentage of fundraiser profits due to overhead and sales tax. Checks can be made out to Pioneer Trail Middle School.

We can’t do all our exciting choir events without your help! We need your family to help fundraise!

Fall Fundraiser Dates:

  • September 11 – Fundraiser Kickoff (receive fundraising materials)
  • September 15  – Turn in day #1
  • September 19  – Turn in day #2
  • September 22 – Turn in day #3

 What do our fundraisers pay for?

  • Music for our students
  • Classroom supplies
  • Performance venues
  • Busses (a significant expense!)
  • Individual student accounts for various online music services
  • Sound Technicians for concerts
  • Festivals
  • Programs
  • and many more expenses…