iPads and Technology


Charge your iPad! Students will use their iPads in class for a variety of learning activities. They will need to have their iPads charged for every class, even if we don’t use it every class. This means they need to plug it in and charge it every night.a


Google Classroom – Students’ virtual classroom.

  • View/submit assignments and find class resources.
  • Accessible via the app or website.

Acceptable Use Guidelines and Expectations

Students will adhere to the policies and behavioral expectations found in the choir handbook and the Pioneer Trail Student Handbook, especially regarding their use of district technology both inside and outside the classroom. This includes:

  • …using iPads and other technology for learning purposes while at school and in the choir classroom.
  • …responding to teachers’ instructions and observing classroom procedures regarding technology.
  • …being safe, respectful, and considerate when using online media, posting pictures, posting videos, posting comments, using social media, etc.
  • …respecting music copyright. Physical pieces of music will be used in most cases to observe copyright law. When appropriate, digital files may be used. Digital music files are for PT choir student use only. Efforts have been made to protect access to the resources in order to observe copyright laws, licenses, and fair use policies. Despite these efforts, it is impossible to completely prevent individuals from sidestepping these efforts to limit distribution and respect copyright laws. Please note that sharing or distributing these files with anyone outside of the PT Choir program is strictly prohibited.