Each choir will have a uniform. The purpose of the uniform is to present a consistent look that will enhance the performance, rather than detract from it. Remember that proper concert attire is part of the student’s concert grade.

Uniform fitting days are September 20-22. We need volunteers to help to measure and size students for their uniforms. Email Mr. Newlin at enewlinpt@olatheschools.org if you would like to help!

Uniform payments are due August 31st! See below for each choir’s payment amount. You may also need to find proper shoes for your student. Please do not wait until the week of the concert.

6th Grade Choirs

6th Grade Choirs do not have a rented formal choir uniform. Instead, 6th graders will wear nice blue jeans (no holes) with solid black flats, solid black character shoes, or other solid black/dark shoes and their choir t-shirt. The cost of the choir T-shirt is $15.

Intermediate and Advanced Choirs

7th and 8th grade choirs will rent their formal uniforms for $20. In addition, students need a PT choir t-shirt. Students can use one from previous years of purchase a new one for $15. Both the formal uniform rental and the T-shirt are required for performances throughout the year. Singers still need to provide their own appropriate shoes. Girls must wear solid-black flats, boots, or character shoes. Boys must wear solid-black dress shoes with black socks.

  • Hair: Pull hair out of face and secure back with barrettes, headband, and hair ties, etc. Your hair accessories should be simple, plain, and discreet.
  • Jewelry: Unless otherwise directed, no jewelry is allowed other than one small stud in each ear.
  • Perfumes, scents, ect. are not allowed onstage during performances. These can cause severe reactions among choir members.



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