Enroll in Private Music Lessons

Mr. Newlin highly recommends enrolling in private music lessons.

Singers benefit tremendously from learning other instruments, especially piano, and receiving one-on-one instruction from a private voice teacher.

If a student has no prior piano or instrumental experience, Mr. Newlin suggests starting with piano lessons. Piano lessons are one of the best ways to increase singers’ aural skills (musical hearing ability), music-reading skills, and overall musicianship.

Voice lessons from qualified teachers are also incredibly valuable for middle school singers, especially in helping to increase their confidence, navigate their voice change, sing with healthy technique, and understand their unique voice.

Consider these recommended teachers:

Piano Lessons:

Leslie Newlin
(Full disclosure – this is Mr. Newlin’s wife)
Website: LesliesMusicStudio.com
E-mail: LeslieAnneNewlin@gmail.com

Voice Lessons:

Jamea Sale and Lyra Pherigo
Website: JameaSale.com
Email: Music@JameaSale.com.
Phone: 913-963-5639